What is the Electronics Recycling Representative Organization (ERRO)?
The ERRO is a non-profit organization formed to promote responsible electronic waste recycling and provide electronics manufacturers the opportunity to operate electronic waste recycling programs as participants in a representative organization.

What DOES the Manufacturer Clearinghouse Do?
Set rules for manufacturers and their programs
Develops methodology for setting manufacturer percentage obligations
Determines how to allocate sites, and to whom (individual manufacturers or groups
Gathers required data and reports to the State
Develops rules for private programs and eligibility
Manages a true-up process for measuring actual collections vs estimates

What DOESN’T the Clearinghouse Do?
DOES NOT contract with recyclers, collectors or other service providers (handled by group plans or manufacturers)
DOES NOT decide which collection site/s or events will be included in the final Program Plan
DOES NOT decide which entities (collectors, super-collectors, recyclers/recovers) are used in meeting the required minimum sites for convenience standard (all entities must meet requirements in law and those by contract)
DOES NOT mandate whether assigned groups/manufacturers agree to include all proposed sites/events from opt-in forms, including those beyond minimum required under convenience standard